Why Do You Need A DFS Consultant?

“What does a DFS Consultant do anyway?  Why would I pay someone to do what I can do myself?  Am I supposed to play lineups and recommendations from someone else, that takes all the fun out of it?”  These are valid questions and there are plenty more where those came from.

Look, if you have a process in place and you don’t lose money playing fantasy sports, you have very little need for a Consultant.  However, conservative estimates cited in places like this Bloomberg article say 70% of players or more lose money.  If you simply enjoy the thrill of it and give little thought to the loss of your disposable income, you may not need a Consultant either.  But, if you’re part of the majority that doesn’t win enough and wants to change that, there’s a great chance you’ll find the following information useful.

It can be a strange concept when you first learn of the industry.  I know I was confused when I first learned there were groups out there that provide strategies, recommendations, and even complete lineups to play for a subscription fee.  It was foreign to me realizing there were groups that do this for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, or any other daily fantasy sports site and any combination of all of them.

What this article will do is explain some of the key advantages DFS Consultants offer and how they can make you a better DFS player and make you money.  Because honestly, making you money is the measuring stick and the root of every Consultants’ mission statement.

Sports Research

I can’t imagine anyone reading this article doesn’t love watching sports.  I’m not going to spend anytime describing the glory of sports.  Aside from the events themselves and their entertainment factor is the fact that sports provides an unbelievable amount of statistics.  Not everyone gets into it, but if

"Wilson, they have a chocolate fountain!"
“Wilson, they have a chocolate fountain!”

you’re a numbers person, like me, the world of sports is an all-you-can-eat buffet after you’ve been stranded on a deserted island for months (is anyone else picturing Tom Hanks in Castaway at a Golden Corral?  You’re welcome!).

With a mountain of available data, the question to ask yourself is how do you sort through it all and process enough of it to help you make a winning roster for your fantasy lineups?  The answer will vary by individual.

Are You Old School?

Some of us will grab pencil and paper, take the box scores and start grinding.  Some will pull out magazines or enlist the help of the internet and their favorite search engine and read every appropriate article out there until their slate locks.  There’s no shortage of insight and analysis living in a 24-hour news cycle, some of it is good and some not so much.

If you follow the daily fantasy sports industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the sharks that are out there.  You can find tales of former investment bankers and Wall St. analysts that quit their job, programmed their own analytic algorithms, and wager tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a night on as many contests as they can enter.  Some even sell access to their own research tools.

What About Those Premium Research Tools?

There are great resources out there to study advanced statistics and methods.  There are research tools that collect comprehensive data that you can sort through.  There are premium sites that provide optimizers based on projection and scoring models that can spit out a lineup for you.  There are companies that allow you to fully customize specific factors to create a custom rating model tailored to your personal preferences.

These tools vary in cost from free to over $100 per month depending on add-ons and available packages.  Not surprisingly, the more robust and customizable the research tool, the more it is likely to cost.  Companies like Rotowire, RotoGrinders, Fantasy Labs, Roto QL, Linestar, and one of our personal favorites, Daily Fantasy Nerd offer various subscriptions.

Are these tools worth it?  We love our research tools here at Hammer.  We can’t get enough of them.  We are able to pour over loads of data.  Undoubtedly they will give you an edge, if you can afford it.

DFS Consultants know how to apply research and help you set optimal lineups designed to finish above the cash line.Let’s say the average premium research site is $50 per month.  That’s not an exorbitant amount of money, especially if you’re serious about playing and winning at DFS.  The two main issues subscribing to research are:

  1. Do I know how to apply the information so I start making better lineups, and
  2. Are my lineups now so much better that I can cover my increased overhead?

Because your overhead has, in fact, increased.  The new challenge is now not only to score higher than the 70% mentioned above that will lose, but do it to the tune of $50 per month at a minimum.  At that point, you start making a profit.  It’s not an insurmountable task, but the numbers tell us there aren’t very many accomplishing it.

Right about now, you might be thinking “my overhead would also be increased if I pay a Consultant”.  You’re correct.  The thing about a good Consultant is the answers to the above two questions are “Yes!”.

Consultant Advantage: Consultants know how to apply research and help you set optimal lineups designed to finish above the cash line.  Consultants can teach you how to identify key players and match ups that will lead to maximizing your points and making you a better DFS player along the way.  And if we’re finishing above the cash line, we’re making money!

Consultants can compare the data from numerous sites because they have multiple subscriptions and the manpower to process it.  It’s all part of what you’re paying for.

Consider this, an optimizer will spit out a lineup for you, but it’s only as good as the ratings it’s based on.  Doesn’t it make sense to compare ratings from another site to gauge the accuracy of each system and pull out the common players liked by both?  But now you’re up to $100 per month and you have to increase your time commitment.  Speaking of time…

Save Time

At this point you have the box scores, pencil and paper and/or logins for a website or two.  Now it’s time to get to work on the next slate of contests you have your eye on.

If you don't have time for the necessary research, a DFS Consultant is a great option.When you make your best lineups, I’m talking the ones that you are most confident in because you analyzed every game, every matchup and you know for a fact you are on all the right players, how much time do you have invested when you’re done?  An hour?  Two hours?

Let’s use baseball as an example.  Do you analyze the Batter vs. Pitcher (BvP) numbers for every game?  On a full slate, that’s 30 starting pitchers to study.  For the batters that have potential against that night’s starter, do you check on their recent form?  On your list of hot hitters, do you analyze the likelihood of the streak to continue?  Maybe you lean contrarian and compile a list of cold hitters ready to break out.  Do you take note of salary movements in both directions in order to exploit a bargain or fade a premium price?  Do you build a stable of low-priced punts to fill out your roster blanks?  How about home & away splits?  Lefty/righty splits?  Do you dabble in Sabermetrics at all, wOBA, ISO, etc.? Ready to pick pitchers now?  I could go on, but you get the idea.

Consultant Advantage: Good Consultants have all of this data and are analyzing it and applying it in their player targets and lineups.  If you don’t have time for the necessary research, a DFS Consultant is a great option.

And that’s only baseball.  What about those days with baseball, football, and Nascar, maybe even MMA?  Which leads to my next topic:

Play More Contests

If a DFS Consultant has saved you some time, now you need to decide what to do with it.  One option, without a doubt, would be to enter more contests!

Considering the part of the calendar that I’m writing this, we are fast approaching a period of time where within a single weekend you will have the opportunity to play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, Nascar, and probably MMA too.  Far be it for me to underestimate you.  If you can thoroughly research lineups for all those sports in a single weekend, kudos to you.

Consultant Advantage: Imagine, on one of these frenetic sports weekends described above, that you signed up with a trustworthy DFS Consultant that had a stable of true experts.  You would have the opportunity to play any and all of the events you have even a fleeting interest in.

I can tell you from personal experience that playing five or more sports at the same time is an absolute rush.  It’s the DFS equivalent of the NFL Red Zone channel on steroids and then magnified!

Now, imagine that you win…

Experience The Consultant Community

Consultant Advantage: Most Consultants have a chat where subscribers and experts can communicate, talk strategy, analyze slates, or simply discuss sports they love.  If you enjoy talking sports, a Consultant is a great place to get your fix.  You’ll meet a slew of people from all over the country with unique insights, allegiances, and specific methods.

Some Consultants offer one-on-one or group education sessions on topics such as lineup construction and bankroll management.  Not only can you become a better player, you can learn to manage your money playing daily fantasy sports.

You’ll have direct access to DFS players that have won thousands of dollars and be able to ask questions or seek tips to enrich your experience.  If my experience is typical, and I believe it easily is, you’ll also make a bunch of new friends and meet some good people.

So Why Do You Need A DFS Consultant?

  • They save you time
  • They make you a better DFS player
  • They help you have more fun
  • You will WIN MORE

The average daily fantasy sports player operates in shark-infested waters.  Sharks that are just waiting to take your money.  The role of a good Consultant is a mentor, an educator, a coach, an advisor, and above all a lifeguard to help you navigate your way to profits.


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